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Company to "the sharing of resources, consumer benefit and value-added interactive, complementary advantages" business philosophy, the use of pattern BPCI effort to build the most competitive consumer value-added service platform cloud trade was linked - Cloud Trade's Spirit. BPCI mode is through the consumption of value-added cloud trade was associated service platform to co-operators (P) as a link, integrated manufacturers (B) product resources and businesses (B) eat, live, travel, music, shopping and other consumer resources, as Member produced after consumption points, you can choose the network platform to exchange their favorite brands in kind, in order to add value to lock consumers consumption (C), while helping manufacturers sell products to help businesses increase the turnover to reach BPC multiparty interaction (I) win new electronic digital trade business model.

Clouds trade flourishing trade network is a digital network services, positioned as a truly personalized Internet home page, allowing users to online shopping becomes easy, online shopping, online communities, news network games, online music, interactive entertainment network requirements can get a stop, and consumer demand, helping seamless integration between businesses and consumers, formed orderly on demand, to achieve consumption is the starting point is the end of the "on demand" model, an effective solution to the existing excess capacity, energy waste, increased competition and other problems

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